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Ouzel Falls
The Colorado High Country Hikers is a Volksmarch Club dedicated to hosting interesting events of possibly a
more challenging nature. CHCH events are typically within 75 miles of Denver, CO, and are in the Rocky Mountains
or associated foothills. They are on groomed or periodically maintained and well marked trails. By the nature of this
geography, there may be significant elevation gains on some of the hikes. Because of this, and the starting elevation
(we are a mile above sea level), our hikes have trail ratings of 2 and above.

We will attempt to make all of our events of high quality and try to stay in the foothills and mountains of Colorado.
Leave the pavement of the sidewalks and city streets behind... it is good for the knees and the soul!

We hope to provide a social atmosphere with meetings in fun locations and have social events as well as
Volkssporting events.

What is Volkssport?

Simply put, Volkssport is for "Volks" or folks who enjoy walking, hiking, cross country skiing, snowshoeing, swimming,
biking or any or all of the above. The main activity is walking. Anyone who completes the required distance (10 km at your
own pace - 5 KM for beginners) is a winner. You'll find that the terms Volkssport, Volkswalk, and Volksmarch are used
interchangeably, but Volkssport is becoming more common as it encompasses biking, skiing, snowshoeing, etc.

Volkssport is not a contest - it's non-competitive! Generally, Volkssport participants are regular folks who like to walk for fun,
health, friendship or just to see more of our beautiful country. You can't smell the flowers or meet the wildlife from inside a car
or RV. Everyone can participate and in most cases even the family dog.

There are three categories of walks. First is the
Special Event or Regular. These are events held on a specific date. Club
members are there to check you in, and provide information. You have a 2-3 hour window to start the event and usually need
to be finished by 3-4 PM. Take your time, walk alone or with a friend (many allow your family pet to accompany you) and
enjoy the area. Normally there is an award for a small fee. Second is the
Year Round or Seasonal Event. These are 10 KM
courses laid out with a start point in a store or location with extended hours which you may walk as many times as you like
throughout the year. No one from the club is there, and you are on your own to register your walk. A seasonal event is
offered for only part of the year. Third is the Guided or
Club Walk. Club members get together to walk one of the clubs year
round or seasonal walks.

Members record their achievements in AVA/IVV Record Books, for both number of events and distance walked in
kilometers. They can then earn awards and recognitions at various milestones. There are also awards for special programs
that require completing multiple events over a certain time period. For instance, special programs include all fifty states,
lighthouses, river walks, libraries, etc.

The object is to make walking, hiking, skiing, biking and snowshoeing interesting, fun, social, healthy, and possibly

One of the great things about Volkssport is that it's both National and International You can
do it in all 50 United States and in most countries throughout the world. It's great for travelers and lets you see places you
might not normally see!
Roxbourgh State Park, CO
Updated 4/6/2012
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LATEST NEWS: We've decided that the 2011 YRE's will remain the
same as this year - Ouzel Falls, Cub Lake and Deer Mountain in Rocky
Mountain National Park; Alderfer/Three Sisters in Evergreen;
Roxborough State Park in Littleton; and North 10 Mile Trail in Frisco.

Our Remaining Club Event is:

Sep 8, 2012 - Vail Oktoberfest Volkswalk - Vail, CO
American Volkssport Association
International Federation
of Popular Sports
<-- Watch this video, featuring several club members, touting the benefits of
Volkswalking! This was filmed by Kaiser Permanente as part of their
Every Body Walk - The Campaign to Get America Walking" program.
Leadville - Ski Cooper Snowshoe - March 2012