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     Below is the Northeast Regional Calendar which provides a month-by-month comprehensive picture of all the various activities within the Region for the rest of the year that have been submitted by NE clubs.
     Start by clicking on “Calendar Abbreviation Definitions” (upper right corner above the calendar). Each club has its own abbreviation and event title background color.
     You can change the month displayed by using the sideward pointing arrows (upper left corner of calendar). Use the “Agenda” tab (upper right corner of the calendar) to obtain a scrollable listing of events which displays the complete event title.
     Try clicking on several different items for several different months. If a “map” link is provided, clicking on it will create a Google map showing the event or walk starting poing location. In this Google map display, you may use “Get Directions” link to display a text box where you may enter your current location then get detailed directions to event location.
     For those who use Google Calendar, you may click on “copy to my calendar” to automatically transfer that specific event information to your personal Google calendar. Or you may display ALL of the events you see in this calendar in your personal Google Calendar by using the “add” feature (in the Google Calendar settings) to include the following four calendars to your personal calendar:
     "", and
     " (CVVC)"
   (The above list will increase as more NE clubs start using Google calendars to track their events.)

     Please keep in mind that this calendar is a constantly changing as individual clubs add club sponsored events (meetings, parties, club group walks, etc.); sanction AVA traditional walking events; or cancel/delay club sponsored events possibly due to weather conditions.
Traditional Events(click here) for printable chart on upcoming NE WALKS

Calendar Abbreviation Definitions

If NE calendar fails to display below (due to Browser compabilility problems) click here .