The following is a list of "headers" for the Motions, 11 a - 11 t, that will be entertained at the upcoming Nat’l Executive Council’s meeting to be held July 6 & 7 at Orlando, the site of the National Biennial Convention, Apr 29 – May 3, 2013 (with extended walking events two days on each end).
 The complete text of each Motion can be found by clicking on each one (get more info about) 
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The President of each club in the Northeast Region has been invited to review, with their members or subset, all Motions and send to me their questions or comments regarding each Motion so I can be informed as to the feels of our Region's clubs. I suggested that replies be in the form “approve”, “disapprove”, “abstain”, and/or suggestions for modifications.
To provide me with a reasonable amount of time to review and tabulate their feedback from our Region's clubs before leaving home for Florida,
 I requested that they provide me with their information by Wed., July 4th.

The attached are the actual Motions, Items 11 a-t, with additional supporting/background information in some cases. Just click on each Motion Item for all the info about it.

11 a - Fund the continuing work on the ESR (Electronic Sanctioning Request) system, etc.

11 b - Adopt Investment Policies for AVA funds.

11 c - Adopt the Copyright Proposal.

11 d - Implement an AVA Challenge Program, “Centurion”.

11 e - Authorize an electronic version of TWA (“The American Wanderer”), AVA’s newspaper.

11 f - Modify names of Trail Distances to conform with IVV.

11 g - Modify AVA Policy Manual regarding IVV Events.

11 h - Join IVV- Americas with Canada and Brazil as a continental association.

11 i - Provide the National Executive Council’s Handbook to be on AVA website for NEC members use only.

11 j - Process for indicating AVA Document Revisions.

11 k – Calculate costs associated with AVA providing various services.

11 l - Modify annual Associate Membership to a Biennial Schedule.

11 m - Increase annual Associate Membership dues for individuals and families.

11 n - Increase annual AVA dues for Clubs.

11 o – Revision in parts of AVA Youth Program.

11 p - Establish a Task Force on Obesity.

11 q - Change in rule for Co-Sponsorship of an AVA sanctioned event.

11 r - Approve a belated Certificate of Service Award.

11 s - Approve process for hiring a new Executive Director.

11 t - Approve the Chairperson for the 2013 Nomination Committee.


Doug Reynolds
Regional Director - Northeast