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Princeton Area Walkers (PAW) is the largest AVA walking club in New Jersey.  We have been part of the American Volkssport Association ( since 1993 and are members of the International Federation of Popular Sports (IVV) with clubs worldwide.  Our 10km (6.2 mile) walks are non-competitive, done at your own pace with our club members, your friends or family, alone or with a favorite pet.  Our trails are selected for safety, scenic interest, historic value, natural beauty and accessibility.  Our $10 yearly membership dues make our beautiful trails possible.  We welcome you to join us particularly if you appreciate the joys of walking, fun and fellowship. 

New York City Walks temporarily closed
ASICS shoe store in NYC - The store is closed!
Will change directions when we have a working start point.
Email POC to get directions in the meantime.

2015 Year Round Events




2015 Seasonal Events

Walking All Over... 

...New Jersey & New York City


2015 Special Events

  • Nothing Scheduled Yet - Please check back later.

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