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To see a listing of NE traditional events: Go to NERD web page (, under the map of the NE region, click on “Events” (or just click on "Events" located lower and to the left of this text). Scroll down to the red text abd click on “Traditional Events (click here)”. This will display a pdf file, where you will see those TEs that our NE clubs have sponsored, down to those that are yet to be held.

Using Interactive Map: The significance of knowing which are TEs, & which are YR/SE is that the full details about both types of events can be found via the AVA Interactive Map available to you in case you have not received any other information regarding them, such as through Starting Point 2016 book, club brochures, electronic mailings, etc. If you want specific information on any of these walk, go to the AVA web site (, select “Events”, go down to Interactive Map, & select either TE or YR/SE. Both work the same way; at the US map, in upper left area at “Map Event”, use the down arrow to pick a state of interest. Wait a wee bit for the red-headed pins to appear. Place your cursor on a pin of interest & click. Read brief info and, if of interest to you, click on “Details” for info about the event such as directions to Start Pt., description of walk with rating, etc. Keep in mind, for both the TEs & YRs/SEs, after the sanctioned date(s) has expired, the Red Pins & Details will have been removed; they only appear for an event during its sanctioned period (when the insurance is in force).

Google Calendar: To view an additional tool, I ask that you return to the NERD page (the one with my photo), & click on “Events”. Again, scroll down past the red printing for “Traditional Events” to the calendar page for September. At your leisure, take a look at some other upcoming dates, such as by advancing the months by clicking on the blue arrow near date. Mike ( is available to assist a club representative on how to set up your club on this calendar.


Other Sections of the Northeast Website:

 CLUBS:  At the “NE Home” page, click on “Clubs” to have a direct connection to the individual web page for each of the clubs within the Region. Clicking on the name of a club of interest will give quick access to those activities being sponsored by that club, as well as contact information of persons within the club who could assist you further.

CALENDAR OF EVENTS: At the “NE Home” click on “Events” to access the Regional  Calendar. You are provided with a month-by-month comprehensive picture of all the various activities within the Region throughout the year that have been submitted by the clubs. Start by clicking on “Calendar Abbreviation Definitions” just above the month and year being displayed. You can change the month displayed by using the sideward pointing arrows in that same area. Each club has its own abbreviation and color bar. Try clicking on several different items for several different months. If a prompt is provided for “more details”, click on it to get expanded information. For those who use Google Calendar, clicking on “copy to my calendar” will automatically transfer that specific information to your personal Google calendar. If a “map” prompt is provided, clicking on it, then “Get Directions”.   Inserting your start location will give you detail directions to the event. Please keep in mind that the “calendar of events” is a constantly changing display as clubs’ add activities to their individual club calendars such as club meetings when scheduled, Traditional Events become sanctioned, or club sponsored events become eliminated or delayed due to weather conditions, for example.

CLUB TOOLS: At this location, you will be provided with sites to access information and forms to help manage the club’s business. For example, important dates that need to be met is essential to ensure that the club meets its obligations with the IRS to retain the tax exempt status.

PHOTOS: Your Regional Director is making an attempt to attend some of the Traditional Events of each of the clubs in the NE Region. Here, I shall post a sampling of photos of my experiences. You may see some of your members, or yourself, at an event that I attend, either hosted by your club, or when your members are attending a sister club’s event.

FREQUENT Qs & As: As I have moved throughout our Region, as well as in other regions or national events, AVA members, club members, and potential members ask many of the same questions that are very basic to the running of an international club, such as IVV and AVA. This section will attempt to make us all more aware of how things are done, and why they are done the way they are.

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Oct 13, 2016