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WELCOME to the “NE Home” web page of the Northeast Regional Director (NERD). I’m Chris Mellen, and my Region includes all the American Volkssport Association’s (AVA) sanctioned clubs in the New England States (Maine, New Hampshire, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island, Connecticut,), and New York States.  There are nine other Regions across the country, each with a Regional Director who sits on the National Executive Council with the four AVA Officers. This “NE Home” page will provide those within the Region, as well as those visiting from outside, an easy, one-stop segue into the various activities sponsored by our clubs.

For first-time visitors to this web page, please go to this Home Page’s left side, and click on “NERD Words. This will provide information on the use of other items in the table of contents. It will also provide intermittent postings regarding AVA, as well as things happening within the Region. 

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American Volkssport Association
Best to you for a happy, rewarding, and safe walking experience in the Northeast Region. 

Our Volkssporting Clubs sponsor non-competitive, self-paced walks - and on occasion, bikes, swims and cross-country skis.

Our clubs are members of the American Volkssport Association which is a member of the International Federation of Popular Sports

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International Federation of Popular Sports

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